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Rare Vinyl Recordings


The Jolly Machine




Vinyl LP 33.1/3 rpm (Limited Stock)


English Sporting Ballads BRO 128

The High Level Ranters/Martin Wyndham-Reed (with Nic Jones on fiddle, guitar, mouth organ and dulcimer)
High level ranters...
Price: £18.00

A Miscellany of Guitar Music BRO 124

All instruments on this record are played by Michael Raven - Spanish guitar, steel guitar, cittern, mandolin, penny whistle, electric guitar, bass guitar. Tracks include: Leonore, a romantic melody from...
Price: £18.00

Hymn to Ché Guevara FHR054

All the tracks on this record are Michael Raven compositions.
Titles include: Belle Starr & Jesse James *Twenty Years * Tim Evans' Dance * Melancholy Pavanne * Perry Mason's Maggot * Hymn to Ché Guevara...
Price £5.00 no covers

Fortune my Foe BRO127

- Goliard/Chris Brown and Andrew Geuter
Chris and Andrew joined together to form the group Goliard in 1975 and it was their mutual interest in Mediaeval music which brought them together. The prime objective....
Price: £18.00


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(Pristine Condition)




Retrospective CD- MR 75

Gipsy- A Variety of Guitar Music (Revised) (1973) 36.08 mins.
A Miscellany of Guitar Music (1977) 17.17 mins.
An English Collection (1994) 18.36 mins
Price: £20.00

Songs and Dances of Herefordshire CD-MR 76

16 songs, 10 guitar solos, 3 viola tunes and 4 poems. Many of the songs on this CD were collected at The Ross Workhouse, demolished in 1955. There is some enchanting music here most of it...
Price: £22.00

Gipsy English CD MR81

19 superb tracks including: Coalisland Massacre *Lament for Limerick *First Tuesday in Autumn *Barcarole * Indian Queen *Maid of Provence *Anarchie Gordon.
Total playing time 42.25
Price: £15.00

The Halliard- Jon Raven/The Jolly Machine - CD MR77

29 excellent tracks including many old favourites by the Halliard: Calico Printer's Clerk * Ladies Don't Go Thievin' *Going for a Soldier Jenny, etc. Also includes many of the songs contained in the...

A Shropshire Lad (CD)

Housman songs and Welsh Guitar Solos

Price: £22.00

Popular Music for Guitar

Price: £22.00