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The Jolly Machine (LIMITED STOCK)

Sub-titled Songs of Industrial Protest and Social Discontent from the West Midlands. This book contains some excellent but little known songs and have been selected from the great outpouring of ....
Price:£25.00 inc. postage to British Isles
ISBN: 978 0 906114 65 0

The Land Of Lost Content

This book contains some 200 songs. They range from traditional ballads to contemporary pieces and include industrial broadsides, pastoral love songs and settings of poems by English Poets such as William Blake...
Price: £7.95
ISBN: 978 0 906114 32 2

Song Of The Fox

82 Poems by Michael Raven. Titles include: *Dark Invader *Here Be Dragons *Old Dog *Out of Work Assassin *Robin Hood *Song of the Fox, etc.
Published in 1997...
Price: £2.00
ISBN: 978 0 906114 23 0

A Good Christmas Box

This is a new re-set edition of the famous book of 58 traditional English carols first published in 1847 by G. Walters of Dudley. This is an important "source" book. Most later collections, including The Oxford Book of Carols...
Price: £18.00
ISBN: 978 0 906114 84 1

Tarlton's Jests - Richard Tarlton

Richard Tarlton (d.1588) was a humble Shropshire farm Labourer who became famous throughout England as Queen Elizabeth I's Court Jester. He was also an actor, a musician and one of the country's finest swordsmen...
Price: £3.50
ISBN: 978 0 906114 35 3